Alexandra Michel

NMLS #1705108

Unlike many people in this industry, my background is actually in theoretical/pure mathematics and education. I am driven by a passion for education, equity and access to reliable information, and, as my client, I will keep you informed of every aspect of the mortgage process along the way. Having experience working as an educator, I have the patience to answer any and every question you might think of, as well as make sure each step is very clear to you. I treat my clients like I would my family—with respect, transparency and honesty.

Going into this business has been one of the most exciting parts of my career so far. Over the last several months I have learned the details of what goes into a mortgage transaction, as well as how to go through it as a first-time homebuyer! My wife and I bought our first house in the spring of 2017 and though it took a lot of work to get there, we have been loving it ever since. I hope to get to know what your dreams look like, because I know firsthand how amazing it is to make them come true!

I am so proud to be working at Big Valley Mortgage because of the strong history we have, as a company, of focusing on the people we serve and providing the best service possible. Living in integrity is one of my core values, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to work than BVM and the American Pacific Mortgage family.

I deeply believe that everyone should have the opportunity to successfully become a homeowner, and as your loan officer I hope to help make that dream come true for you!


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Thoughtful. Helpful and honest. Great attitude and amazing woman.

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Lance M

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A True Rock Star! Alexandra Michel is the perfect example of being committed to 100% integrity in all that she does. My experience of her is... Read More

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One of the most authentic people I’ve ever known. I trust her with all the things.

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Alexandra is extremely thoughtful and thorough. You can trust that she will be working hard for you every step of the way!

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