Haley Franco

NMLS #1091154
Loan Officer

Haley’s commitment is to ensure the financing process is seamless, understandable and swift from start to finish for her clients. She firmly stands by Big Valley Mortgages core values in respect, transparency and ownership. These are the reasons why Big Valley Mortgage remains one of the strongest independent mortgage firms in the country and are the key contributing factors to Haley’s successful career.

Helping others obtain homeownership has always had a much deeper meaning to Haley than merely a paycheck; for her, it is an opportunity to make dreams come alive. Haley grew up in numerous locations of southern and northern California as well as in Florida. She attended twelve schools and moved sixteen times all before her twenties. With experience in constant relocation in her past, she believes that homeownership is a privilege to be respected and she stands by the dreamers who desire to obtain a special place to call “home”. Haley pursued a career in mortgage lending six years ago, where her passions for cultivating meaningful relationships and helping improve individualized financial situations for her community would be most valuable.

Haley’s most cherished activities include creating abstract artwork, playing with her golden retriever Tucker and taking trips to the ocean. She is an avid supporter of the LDF Ocean & Marine Life program to help fish populations rebound and increase the resilience of marine ecosystems. Two of her goals are to help protect the extinction of threatened marine species and to eventually have her own art studio at home.