BVM Culture

The Big Valley Mortgage Culture and Core Values

The core values resonate throughout our culture, leadership team, Loan Officers, staff, and the things we do every day to ensure that we don’t just help our customers finance their dreams of homeownership, but that we also leave a positive lasting impression. Let’s break down those core values and why we chose them.

Respect – We value and respect the loan process and all parties involved
Transparency – We are open, honest and clear in our communications
Scrappy – We are quick and clever in discovering ways to overcome difficulties

Image showing the 3 core values of Big Valley Mortgage that relate to our culture. On the left, is a yellow square with a lion icon and the word Respect. In the center, a grey square with a butterfly icon and the word Transparency. On the right, a blue square with a fox icon and the word Scrappy.

We chose these core values because we believe that you deserve to work with a company committed to higher standards.