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Recruiting Video Submission

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  • Instructions and Video Upload

  • Instructions

    • Using your phone, set up somewhere with good lighting, such as outside on an overcast day, outside in the shade, or indoors by a window, so that your face is well lit.
    • Make sure there is not a lot of background noise or wind so that your voice comes out clear and easy to hear.
    • Shoot the video horizontally, with the phone sideways. Not vertically.
    • Answer each of the questions below as a separate video clip.
    • Upload the clips to a folder within one of the two places below and share the link to us here on this form.
  • Questions to Answer in Your Video

    1. What do you like most about the culture at Big Valley Mortage?
    2. What stands out about the BVM culture in comparison to other places you've worked?
    3. Describe what you like most about the tools and supporting staff provided to you at Big Valley Mortage. What are some ways in which they majorly help you in your role as a Loan Officer? (Tools: Mobile App, Total Expert, Birdeye and Reach 150 for reviews, List Reports). (Supporting staff: Marketing/graphics, underwriters, AP Connect).
    4. What are some specific challenges you've faced, that the tools and supportive staff helped you overcome?
    5. Imagine you are talking to a Loan Officer about why they should join BVM. Talk at the camera as though you are speaking directly to them and say what comes to mind. What would you say?
  • Share your videos via Dropbox

  • Paste the shared Dropbox folder link here.
  • Or share your videos via Google Drive

  • Paste the shared Google Drive folder link here.