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Loan Officer
NMLS #2118176

I’m originally from the Reno, Tahoe area and attended McQueen high school in Northwest Reno. After graduating high school, I went straight into college (where I majored in economics). What led me to go into economics was that I knew I ultimately wanted to pursue a career in finance. I graduated in 2020 during the pandemic, which caused a temporary stall in pursuing my career goals with a scarcity of available jobs. So, I awaited the opportunity I’d be happy with as I did not want to settle for the wrong company for lack of options.

Thankfully, during the year 2020, after my graduation, I met the Founder and Chairman of American Pacific Mortgage (APM), Kurt Reisig (also the founder of Big Valley Mortgage). We met on an airplane and struck a casual conversation which wound up leading to him giving me his contact information and saying to reach out to him in six weeks to six months to discuss the option of becoming a Loan Officer. During the wait, I looked up APM to learn more about the culture and how they represented themselves to the public. I could tell their core values correlated directly with mine as someone who likes to give back to the community and treat people with compassion.

My ultimate goal in my pursuit as a Loan Officer is to build up a strong community of clients and professional partners who can trust me as a knowledgeable advisor. I hope to leave a positive impact on those I connect with and build rich, long-lasting relationships over the coming years. After all, whether you are seeking a Loan Officer to partner with or to close a loan with, you want someone who truly has your best interest at heart, and that’s why I’m here.

When not working as a Loan Officer, you’ll find me at the gym, on a bike, or out on a hike. Growing up, I stayed engaged in various sports activities as I love to keep active. In high school, I participated in basketball, football, and track. But due to too many injuries, I had to slow down with sports, but I like to stay in good shape and take care of my health.

If you’re looking to connect with me professionally or as your trusted advisor, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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5 ★ on Our Website, Aug 12, 2022

Jesus Mena

You guys did an awsome job,100% recommended

5 ★ on Our Website, Jul 23, 2022


Smooth as silk.