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NMLS #1883238
Loan Advisor 

Matt is an experienced student, athlete, and altruist. Driven by competition, he takes pride in providing the best value possible. As a home mortgage advisor, his goal is to provide solutions that will generate long-term wealth for homeowners & future-homeowners. In addition to his primary job functions, Matt is recognized by his colleagues for his extraordinary aptitude in entrepreneurialism.

Matt started his journey to this career as a biomechanical engineering student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he exercised his capacity to solve complex problems. His passion for entrepreneurialism and his affinity to please others were revealed to him immediately after college while working seasonally in the local mountains as a licensed installer of tire chains for people driving up the hill.

Outside the office, Matt carves out time for sports of all kinds; soccer, snowboarding, surfing, golf, & pickleball, to name a few. When opportunities arise, Matt donates his time to various philanthropic communities.

Matt comes from a family of mortgage professionals serving California’s residential market for over 30 years. Before receiving his license to originate mortgage loans, Matt lived and worked in the Bay area as an outside salesperson for California’s largest fireplace company. Although NorCal holds a special place in his heart, Matt loves living in Southern California, where he was born and raised.

Matt partnered with Big Valley Mortgage to leverage their 30 years of experience. With the award-winning resources that the company provides coupled with his competitive nature, Matt has positioned himself to become one of the top-producing loan officers in Southern California.

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5 ★ on Our Website, Jul 17, 2021


My husband and my conflicting schedules were accommodated to very well for us to purchase from our home.