Realtors, Partner with a BVM Loan Officer

As a mortgage lender that has been around since 1990, Big Valley Mortgage has learned to rapidly adapt to the equally rapidly changing housing industry.

We provide a multitude of products designed with the buyer’s mind to best ensure their qualification for a home. From first-time buyer and down payment assistance programs to more specified products like Bank Statement Loans, Bridge Loans, Non-QM, DSCR which helps you buy a home-based on what the revenue a rental property will bring you, and more.

Alongside our products for buyers, we also use a bundle of co-marketing tools that you can leverage through your partnership with one of our Loan Officers.

These tools include:

Total Expert (CRM)


The BVM Mobile App

AP Connect

Total Expert

This tool enables you to manage contacts (If needed), create cobranded flyers from our massive library of premade designs, create property websites, and capture leads.


ListReports is a great tool that enables you to create a co-branded marketing kit for properties you are showing to prospective buyers. Within just minutes, you can create a property site, open house flyers, an open house sign-in sheet, and more (Potentially saving you hours on content creation).

The BVM Mobile App

When partnering with one of our Loan Officers, they would also invite you to install our mobile app. This mobile app serves as a powerful tool for you, and your buyers. Here’s how…

Benefits to you:

By adding our mobile app as my Realtor partner, you enable yourself to receive push notifications that will inform you of what stage the loan is at. It also enables you to more easily stay connected with the clients you are specifically working with in connection to the Loan Officer as your mortgage partner.

Benefits to your buyers:

The benefits that your buyers receive through the use of this mobile app are the ability to apply for a loan, chat with your Loan Officer, securely submit documents, run calculations, and ultimately go through the entirety of the loan process all on one single app.

AP Connect

AP Connect is a state-of-the-art lead management platform, supporting Big Valley Mortgage originators and their real estate partners in the nurturing and conversion of leads.

With over 90% of home buyers searching online for homes, we have tailored a program to leverage the leads collected from online referral sources. Our system ensures not only immediate initial engagement but also the long-term cultivation necessary to convert prospects into sales-ready opportunities, allowing our originators and their referral partners to stay focused on the day-to-day business activities. We take in the lead and handle the management of that lead, then hand it back upon successful conversion.

If you are a Realtor looking to partner with Loan Officers who can help you close more deals, reach out and we will see if we can connect you as a referral partner.

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