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NMLS #479973
Senior Loan Officer 

Jeff Olson has been helping people obtain mortgage loans since 2004. His ultimate goal for every customer he works with is to have them be completely satisfied when their new loan is completed. This is why nearly 100% of his new clients are referrals from past clients or from Realtors that he has a relationship with.

He’s very aware of how stressful and complex getting a mortgage is for anyone- especially these days. It’s important that all his clients obtain a loan program that fits their needs and Jeff will make the process as easy and streamlined as possible in this era of extremely complex lending.

He’s worked with people ranging from first time home buyers to those who are buying their retirement home. He has extensive experience doing purchase loans in retirement communities, and understands how to overcome the hurdles that certain retirement incomes can create. In addition to his broad experience with the traditional mortgages available today, he’s become well known for his VA (Veterans Administration) loan experience.

At the end of the day he wants to be sure to spend the time you need from start to finish to ensure that you’re provided with all of the applicable information, are fully aware of all possible loan options, so you can make an educated choice on what is best for your situation.

Once you make a decision, Jeff will do everything he can to make the process as simple as it can possibly be for you.   He understands that staying in contact with updates as well as being available for questions throughout the process is imperative, and always stresses that he’s available long after their loan closes (clients call him years later with questions). He wants to be the guy you call with any mortgage questions, even if it’s just for a friend of a friend who needs some help. He especially wants to earn the reward by doing such an exceptional job that when asked you say… “If you’re thinking about buying a house you HAVE to talk to Jeff”…




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5 ★ on Reach150, Apr 09, 2021

Auriel Kollmann & John

Jeff Olson is a very knowledgeable, and has a solid understanding of real estate financing. During COVID19 and because we reside along the C... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Mar 30, 2021


You helped solve a problem that raised my credit score and saved us money.

5 ★ on Reach150, Mar 30, 2021


Very knowledgeable. Walked us through the process. Made the complex seem straightforward.

5 ★ on Reach150, Mar 24, 2021


This our second close with Jeff! He is absolutely amazing!!! He has even more patience than me and I have 4 little kids!!! He is knowledgeab... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Mar 06, 2021


Jeff did an excellent job!! Very good communicator and knows his stuff. He took very good care of my needs and I HIGHLY recommend him!

5 ★ on Reach150, Mar 03, 2021


Jeff is amazing! He’s professional and knows numbers! We’ve used him twice and will in any future home buying we do(.)

5 ★ on Reach150, Mar 02, 2021

Lou & Lois

Anyone who is planning to finance a new property, or refinance an existing property should definitely contact Jeff Olson. You will not be di... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Feb 28, 2021


Explained process well and was always there to help.

5 ★ on Reach150, Feb 27, 2021


Jeff was so helpful throughout the whole loan closing process. He would spend the time explaining all transactions and figures so that I fel... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Feb 25, 2021

The Menz

When we talked to Jeff about refinancing he agreed it was a good idea. With the refi we saved on interest and streamlined our outflow of mon... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Feb 25, 2021

michael j

Great job. Kept us informed all along the way. Kept track of our documents and explained all options .

5 ★ on Our Website, Feb 16, 2021


Jeff did an incredible job processing our refi. He not only got us a great rate but also got us a Leander credit too!!! We have used Jeff in... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jan 30, 2021

Lana and Lenny

Jeff was very helpful and walked us through all the steps to get our loan. He always answered our calls and answered all our questions.

5 ★ on Reach150, Dec 31, 2020


I can’t say enough good things about Jeff! Being first time homebuyers we were pretty clueless of the process. Jeff went above and beyond ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Dec 24, 2020


Jeff is the best. Smart, patient, helpful; he explains everything you need to know step by step. His professionalism is impressive, his calm... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Nov 25, 2020


Jeff Olson was an amazing loan officer it made our experience very pleasant I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a loan thank yo... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Nov 18, 2020


We’ve worked with Jeff before. He is very responsive and attentive to details.

5 ★ on Our Website, Nov 17, 2020


Jeff is a very knowledgeable and experience lending broker. Responsive, professional, and personable.

5 ★ on Reach150, Nov 17, 2020


I've been using Jeff for years to help my buyer clients qualify to purchase real estate, and I was finally able to use him personally for my... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Nov 07, 2020


If it had not been for Jeff’s help I don’t think this loan would have gone through he goes above and beyond to help and make the practic... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Oct 15, 2020


Jeff was knowledgeable, informative, and on top of things. He made options clear, and made things happen as I requested, always keeping us a... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Oct 08, 2020


This is the second loan that I've completed with Jeff. He has been very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough during both processes. I... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Oct 08, 2020


This is the second loan that I've completed with Jeff. He has been very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough during both processes. I a... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 28, 2020


We did not make it easy on Jeff... 3 people on the contract, only two of them are borrowers and 2 non-spouse VA loans. It was pretty intense... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Sep 25, 2020


Always a pleasure doing business with you!

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 22, 2020


Loan had the Intricacies of an intra-family, multi-borrower loan without the aid of a realtor. Jeff managed the details well and took very g... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 12, 2020


Jeff has worked hard to qualify us for a loan, he was upfront and gave us advise. Even when funding did not record on time, he contacted me ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 01, 2020


Jeffrey was fantastic to work with. He was readily available and patient with all my questions. He pushed my loan through with lightning spe... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Aug 21, 2020


Excellent personalized assistance :)

5 ★ on Our Website, Aug 07, 2020


Jeff was wonderfully courteous, efficient, and focused. I'd recommend him to anyone.

5 ★ on Our Website, Jul 31, 2020


Jeff Olson was amazing to work with. My husband and I were first time homebuyers and was recommended to him by our realtor. Jeff is quick to... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jul 31, 2020


Always resdily available and very helpful with answering any questions.

5 ★ on Reach150, Jul 26, 2020


It was a pleasure to work with Jeffery. He was helpful and generous with his time.. He got my loan through the system in record time so I co... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jul 15, 2020


Jeff was really easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the process. He quickly responded to all of our questions. We would definitel... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jul 01, 2020


Jeff did an outstanding job with our very complicated home loan. His knowledge and expertise made this an easy transaction. I would recommen... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jun 22, 2020

Beverly A.

Jeff did a great job and I am really happy with the out come.

5 ★ on Our Website, Jun 15, 2020


Professional, knowledgeable, pleasure to work with.

5 ★ on Reach150, Jun 14, 2020


Jeff is great to work with, very knowledgeable and makes the process seamless.

5 ★ on Reach150, Jun 11, 2020


Jeff did a great job and helped us with every step of the process. He was informative, efficient and made good options when questions arose ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, May 10, 2020


This is my second experience with Jeff. I have found him very helpful and on top of everything going on. I would and will recommend him to o... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, May 08, 2020


We have worked with Jeff now over ten years on new home loans and refinances. Jeff is amazing, takes care of everything, and provides detail... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, May 08, 2020

The Dillon

Jeff Olson is truly a respectful and very knowledgeable professional! He worked diligently on our loan. I was impressed with his knowledge o... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Apr 24, 2020


This is my second five star review for Jeff Olson. He helped us obtain financing for a house we purchased last year, and with rates coming d... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Apr 14, 2020


Jeff has been the greatest and is so very wonderful to work with. He has been there for us through the whole process of buying a home. Jeff ... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Mar 16, 2020


Jeffrey Stylen Olson was wonderful to work with. For someone like me who has never done this, Jeff was patient, helpful and very knowledgabl... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Feb 01, 2020


We absolutely recommend Jeff. He provided us with excellent service!

5 ★ on Our Website, Feb 01, 2020


Excellent service. Very helpful!

5 ★ on Reach150, Jan 17, 2020


We have used Jeff for buying 4 houses and a refi--- never had one problem--- he is the BEST---

5 ★ on Reach150, Jan 16, 2020


Everything went smoothly again. Jeff helped me whenever I had questions they were answered quickly.

5 ★ on Reach150, Dec 23, 2019


We worked with Jeff Olson as a direct result of a recommendation from a friend. Jeff was very helpful and organised our mortgage for us with... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Dec 06, 2019


An absolutely great experience. No stress! No hassle! The most honest straight forward experience we have ever had.

5 ★ on Reach150, Dec 03, 2019


I had a great experience working with Jeff. He provided the help and direction I needed through the process. I didn’t know much about any ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Nov 15, 2019


A professional in the field. That means he knows how to avoid the pitfalls and makes the experience painless. He communicated throughout the... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Nov 14, 2019


Jeffrey made our refinancing so easy. Loads of contact, questions were answered, and the stress of refinancing was not there, like in the pa... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Nov 08, 2019


With the little know how I have on refinancing, he made it easy. From getting all the documents to signing the papers it felt effortless.

5 ★ on Reach150, Oct 27, 2019


Jeff was recommended by a real estate and rental agent friend of mine. I did some shopping around for a loan officer and was pretty unhappy ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Oct 25, 2019


Jeff Olson is awesome! From the first time I met him as a buyer using my VA Home Loan during my Active Duty days to working with him as a Re... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Oct 15, 2019


Very good at his job. Made the home buying process stress free and simple for first time buyers. So thankful for working with him.

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 30, 2019


A true professional. Extremely competent, patient, and pleasant. He was the best part of my home purchase experience and I will be forever g... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Aug 26, 2019


I have spent my career in the mortgage industry, and was very impressed with Jeff’s competence and integrity. I would recommend him wholeh... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Aug 08, 2019


Working with Jeff was great. Jeff made himself available at any time of day to answer any questions we had. He worked late several times to ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Aug 08, 2019

Chris & Gayle

Jeff has helped us purchase several properties. We have found him to be highly professional, very personable and very responsive during ever... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Aug 07, 2019


Awesome was really easy no bs Second time I’ve used Jeff and my paper work was a breeze

5 ★ on Reach150, Jun 28, 2019


Jeff Olson came highly recommended from our Realtor, and we were most impressed with his diligence and communication skills. I am quite deta... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, May 28, 2019

Ed & Maureen

Jeff was very informative and responsive throughout the entire loan process. We would definitely have him do anything that comes up in the f... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, May 07, 2019


It has been a pleasure working with Jeff. I WILL recommend him to anyone who is in need of a loan broker. I will say “it was smooth as sil... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, May 03, 2019

Michele & Dana

Jeff has been our Mortgage Broker for the past 8-9 years, and we continue to value his analyses, his recommendations, and the great job he d... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Apr 26, 2019


Another great transaction with this lender, thank you

5 ★ on Reach150, Apr 22, 2019

Marilyn & Del

Jeff did an outstanding job finding the appropriate financing for our home. We also used him to refinance our home at a lower interest rate.... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Apr 08, 2019


OUTSTANDING!!! I couldn’t ask for anymore than what Jeffrey provided. He was very professional, great communicator, easy to reach, attenti... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Apr 05, 2019

Jim and Sue

Jeff is the BEST. We have moved 3 times in 2 years and have always used Jeff. Just bought another house and used him again---hopefully this ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Mar 11, 2019


I was the listing agent and Mr. Jeff Olson represented the buyer who was buying one of my listings and i was so impressed with his communica... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Feb 27, 2019


Jeff came recommended to me by a coworker and I could not be happier with the results of working with him! Jeff was so friendly and helpful ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Dec 06, 2018


Jeff is incredibly patient and kind with someone new to the home purchasing arena. He goes out of his way to make one feel comfortable and s... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Oct 12, 2018


Jeff is the 'best of the best'. In my four plus decades of being a Realtor, I have dealt with more Loan Officers & Agents than I can count. ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Oct 10, 2018


Jeff was a thorough professional with his work in getting the loan approval for my client in the Bay Area. He was involved in the process th... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Oct 04, 2018


Jeff was exceptional to work with. Highly communicative and proactive. He did an amazing job and always had a terrific attitude. I strongly ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 27, 2018


Jeff was amazing throughout the entire process, regardless if my husband and I decided to work with him or not. Our first-time home-buying p... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 21, 2018


We changed our mind on buying a house many times. Jeff was always there to help us.. He was always patient. My wife is a disabled vet and Je... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 06, 2018


OMG this man change our life completely he trusted in us which made us trust in our self, he took the time out to teach me everything I need... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jul 27, 2018


Jeff was extremely easy and awesome to work with. He was always one step ahead of the game and made the loan process painless. If you are lo... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jul 14, 2018


Jeff is persistent and knowledgeable. He will meet with your clients at a place that is convenient and not just his office.

5 ★ on Reach150, Jul 13, 2018


I recently sold a home and the buyers were working with Jeff. He stayed on top of the deal and kept me informed at every step. First class.

5 ★ on Our Website, Jul 10, 2018


Jeff provided incedible service. Even though the selling and buying process was challenging because of a new Internet Real Estate company, ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jul 04, 2018


We have worked with Jeff over the past eight years on various home purchases and refinances, and we wouldn’t work with anyone else. Jeff... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jun 04, 2018


Jeff not only got our loan approved but he is helping us move to the new house by hooking up TV's when we get in the house. He does everythi... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, May 10, 2018

Kyle & Tami

Jeff was definitely the right person to work with on our refinance. It seemed like we were hitting one obstacle after another and several ti... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Apr 06, 2018


Excellent Service

5 ★ on Reach150, Feb 13, 2018


My home buying situation was complicated yet Jeff was able to calmly work around the obstacles and today my 2 kids and I visited our new hom... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Jan 08, 2018


Jeff was proactive in communicating all stages of the loan process. He is a true professional and went out of his way to help move the sale ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Nov 30, 2017


Jeff was recommended to us with the highest regard by our realtor. I can not tell you how completely satisfied my wife and I are that we cho... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Oct 08, 2017

Ann & Michael

We have known Jeff for many years. In the last escrow we had, the buyers end used Jeff and he did a great job. He always kept in touch with ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 29, 2017


Jeff is wonderful. He walked me, a 79 year old lady, through everything and kept me informed on both sides of my contract. Wish the selling ... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Sep 12, 2017


I have used Jeff for all of my buyers and referred friends and it's a safe move with him always going above/beyond with his "bag o' loan opt... Read More

5 ★ on Reach150, Aug 23, 2017


Outstanding lender. To me the #1 thing I need is communication during the transaction to keep me completely up to date. Jeff always kept me ... Read More

5 ★ on Our Website, Jun 19, 2017


Jeff paid attention to every aspect of my loan from the beginning to the end.

on Reach150, Jun 15, 2017


Jeff is with you the entire home-buying journey, clearing the way for fast loan processing by preparing ahead for potential issues that may ... Read More

on Reach150, Jun 07, 2017


Jeff is a great loan officer! He is professional, knowledgable and handles buyers with wonderful personal attention and care. I trust Jeff w... Read More

on Reach150, May 02, 2017


Jeff was very responsive, always updating us and ready to close early if we wanted, I give him an Excellent rating.

on Reach150, Mar 20, 2017


Not one to write reviews usually, however Jeff Olson was great to work with. He had to walk me through the whole process and was gracious an... Read More

on Reach150, Jan 23, 2017


Jeff did a great job helping me understand and get through all the paperwork.

on Reach150, Dec 23, 2016

Carol A.

Jeff did an outstanding job of making all of the pieces of this transaction happen in a timely manner. He, in concert with my realtor, Sharo... Read More

on Reach150, Nov 03, 2016


Jeff was great to work with. Knowledgeable and very responsive as to how things were progressing during the transaction. Communication and k... Read More

on Reach150, Sep 07, 2016

Dwain &

In reference to Jeff Olson, Rene and I cannot say enough of the hard work Jeff showed on our VA mortgage loan. There were many challenges, b... Read More

on Reach150, Aug 12, 2016


Jeff was very patient explaining the process for getting me a loan for my house. He kept me informed about what he was doing and worked effe... Read More

on Reach150, Jul 26, 2016


Jeff was wonderful to work with! He was friendly, listened to our needs and was knowledgeable about all of our questions. He worked hard and... Read More

on Reach150, Jul 06, 2016


Jeff did a fantastic job with our loan. His instructions were clear; he was very helpful; and he worked long and hard to make sure our loan ... Read More