Justin Ingolia

NMLS #1023119
Loan Officer

Justin began his career in the mortgage industry at the age of just 19. His youthful persistence lead him to Bank of America where he quickly progressed from a premier mortgage processor into the role of premier loan consultant. As a loan consultant he took great pride in lending  to his high net worth clientele of Bank of America’s premier department.   After lending for eleven years with Bank of America, experience called him over to Well Fargo as a knowledgeable Home Mortgage Consultant.   Over the next five years with Wells Fargo, Justin continued to use his deep understanding of lending to help individuals and families realize their dream of home ownership.  He’s often heard around the office saying, “Helping people buy a home is the BEST aspect of this job.  I get to be a part of a major milestone in people’s lives. It’s on par with getting married and having a child.”  Justin will tell anyone willing to listen of the benefits of home ownership.

If he isn’t lending then without a doubt he can be found with his three favorite people on this planet.  His wife (and high school sweetheart), plus his two absolutely adorable children. “Those three special individuals bring so much joy and light to my life”.  Being together as a family makes him feel grounded and recharges his batteries.

“People are my passion” says Justin.  “I love being able to invest in people through all aspects of my life”. In his work and personal life, he continues to do all he can to lift up and elevate individuals.  In 2017 Justin worked with Fremont Presbyterian Church and Compassion Village to help build one of fifteen tiny homes for homeless families in the local Sacramento area.  He has worked with the homeless while in Jr. High and High School through various trips to skid row Los Angeles and here locally in Sacramento. “Seeing the devastating effects homelessness has on a person’s ability to hope has profoundly changed my outlook on the homeless and affordable housing”.  One of Justin’s main goal’s in life is to help as many families and individuals realize their dream of responsible homeownership.